Parish History

In the 20th century, Knanites started to migrate from Kerala to UK for a better job and a good life. In 2002, the immigration increased and many people came to the UK to settled in different parts of UK. At the same time, Rev. Fr. Job Thottathil came to the UK for his theological studies and started a congregation for Knanites in Birmingham. Knanites from different parts of UK attended, but after a year it became too difficult to attend from different parts of the country. So, people started thinking about conducting the Holy Eucharist in different places.

People in the London area decided to start a Holy Eucharist in London itself. On July 18th 2004, a Holy Qurbana was conducted in City Temple Church, London. This was the beginning of the London Church. Thereafter, we conducted Holy Eucharist Services at St. Sepulchre Church, London since 05th September 2004.

On 16th October 2005, our Diocesan Metropolitan, H.E. Kuriakose Mor Severios visited our congregation. We requested our Metropolitan to declare an independent parish in London. His Eminence declared our parish as an independent church in the name of St. Peter and St. Paul, during his Eucharist service in London on 16th October 2005. His Eminence confirmed his declaration through a bull No. 123/05 dated on 22nd November 2005 and appointed Rev. Fr. Job Thottathil as the first vicar of this church.

In 2008, our vicar, Rev. Fr. Job Thottathil was elected as an assistant bishop of the Knanaya Diocese and in 2009, H.E. Mor Silvanos Ayub was appointed Rev. Fr. Jomon Punnoose as the vicar of our church. Since 2009, he is continuing as the parish priest of our church.